Thank You

Our sincerest thanks
to the following:

the Staff & Volunteers

Passion, Commitment
& Support

The MECA staff for their passion. Our volunteers for their commitment. The fabulous community organisations whom we collaborate with. Our corporate partners who prioritise social responsibility and the Federal, State & Local Government for their on-going support.

the Management Committee

For their tireless dedication

Jo Fuller

Abbas Alivi

Garry Everson

Farabi Chowdhury

Bob Fitzgerald

Ammar Khan

Carly Copolov

Nene Brown

– Chairperson

– Deputy Chairperson

– Secretary

– Treasurer

– Member

– Member

– Member

– Member

The Mount Druitt

Most importantly we would like to thank the Mount Druitt community for their ongoing support, ideas and commitment to making Mount Druitt a vibrant and exciting place. Thank you for celebrating Mount Druitt as a culturally rich and diverse community, by recognising the capacities and innovations of our community we promote social harmony and equality for all individuals

Our Supporters & Partners

We would particularly like to thank: